The Black-Haired Girls (鬼子, Onigo, Devils) are NPCs found in the Flesh Walls World. Interacting with a certain dead black-haired girl will grant Sabitsuki the Viscera effect.

Appearance Edit

The black-haired girls are all identical, with long black hair that covers their face, along with a navy blue dress. Their limbs are also black and very thin, with the exception of the giant black-haired girl seen in the Dying Girls event, whose skin is light gray.

Trivia Edit

  • There are unique variants of this NPC type located throughout the game; specifically, the dead one that gives the Viscera effect, and the larger version found in the Dying Girls event.

Theories Edit

  • Fans like to suggest that the black-haired girls represent Sabitsuki's illness, or immune system.
  • It is theorized that the big black-haired girl found in the Dying Girls event is Sabitsuki's mother, and that she died in childbirth.