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Cleaners (also known as the "Gas Mask Maids") are mysterious feminine creatures in maid uniforms and gas masks. They will bow when Sabitsuki curtseys (using the Dress Effect) or if they are interacted with. In the Sugar Hole, one will serve you tea and cake.

Appearance Edit

Cleaners have black hair and wear a uniform consisting of a white apron over a blue dress, red shoes, a white hairband, and a gas mask with red-tinted eye windows.

Trivia Edit

  • There's some sort of debate as to what exactly these creatures are (ranging from robots to just humans with gas masks), but the most likely theory is that they're human, supported by their in-game sprite and lol's artwork of them.
  • Anything associated with maids has "sugar" in the name, including the chainsaw sound effect (being named "sugarsaw1").

Theories Edit

  • One theory speculates that Sabitsuki's illness was airborne or very contagious, so they wear the masks as protection. An alternate theory is that they wear them to protect Sabitsuki.