Demon Sabitsuki

Key to accessing the True Ending


Rust Corridor



Demon Sabitsuki is a special NPC found only in the last room of the final level. She is a bloody, horned version of Sabitsuki, encased in fleshy tendrils, similar to those of the Flesh Walls world, but they are redder, possibly bloody.

You cannot exit the room she is in, except by killing her. Five hits is enough to kill her, and then you will wake up in bed in the real world.

Demon Sabitsuki must be killed in order to access the True Ending.


Sabitsuki's Room > Rust Corridor


  • Whereas Rust's final, bloodiest form seems to only slightly resemble a red demon, Demon Sabitsuki outright looks like a red demon, due to the horns. Also, she is less bloody, only bleeding from the forehead and perhaps the mouth.


  • It is possible that she represents Sabitsuki's weakened core.
    • Her noticeable resemblance to a red demon suggests she has been corrupted due to Rust's control over Sabitsuki.

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