Doctor-san (お医者さん Oisha-san) is an NPC located in the Hospital along with the Nurse.


Doctor-san has black hair and pale skin. He wears glasses, a lab coat and dark grey shoes. If you kill him with the iron pipe, his glasses will be left behind.

He usually lounges at his desk, but if you equip the Iron Pipe effect, he will jump up and frantically run around.


  • Holding the Iron Pipe near him causes him to get up and run around.
  • When he walks left or right he walks backwards, when he walks up or down he walks normally.
  • The only known working effect seems to be the Iron Pipe. The Pipe scares him which makes him get up and move around, the pipe can also be used to kill him.


  • Many fans see him as a patient. Some say its because of the random nurse. Some say its because of the table with straps and the locked med cabinets. The Cabinets and Table also fuel the theory of a doctor.