FC Dungeon is an area found within the Famicom World.

Points of InterestEdit

The FC Dungeon is an underground maze-like area. There are rivers/pools of water within it. There are also a number of stairs and pathways that'll take you deeper into the dungeon.

The Television Effect can be found here. From where you first enter, take the stairs to your left. Go left and at the crossing take the stairs to the south. Go down and take the stairs to your right. Interact with the television in the middle of your room.

This area also contains the Glitch event. Leave the room from where you get the Television effect. Go left and enter the stairs. Follow the pathway and enter the stairs at the end of it. You should be now in a small room. If you interact with the top-left corner of the wall, there's a random chance that an empty message box will appear. The Dungeon will become progressively glitchier as you leave and advance.


Fcbgm5 (Dungeon)


  • This area and the glitch event are references to the FC World in Yume Nikki.
  • The Glitch Event became available in Version 0.18.