Fetuses (aka "Red Demons") are a lot like the Kaibutsu. These will chase Sabitsuki often running very fast after you.

They appear as red impish things with teeth where their face and stomach should be, and possibly antennas or horns.

As Sabitsuki, contact with one of these creatures will cause whatever effect you have on to be canceled. However, if you run into one of these creatures as Rust you'll begin seeing her become damaged ever so slowly with every creature that attacks you. This will continue until Rust's head literally explodes and she wakes up.


  • In v0.15, they can materialize out of pools of blood at Rust's corrupted school and replace the Kaibutsu. They are larger and are harmless due to a glitch.
  • Their name comes from an in-game switch that affects the Television Effect in areas where they're found.


  • They could represent Sabitsuki's disease, since they are found in the Flesh Walls world.
  • They appear a lot in the Rust Corridor. As the hospital corridors begin to rust, there are more and more of them.
  • They are found in two areas in the Flesh Walls world with the mouth background. One appears in the area with a clean mouth, and a lot more appear in an area with a dirty mouth. They may be a link to coughing up blood.
  • Sabitsuki may be a child of a prostitute and seen as unwanted or, if they represent her illness, she was born unhealthy (due to STDs).
    • Another theory, in line with hospital imagery and the presence of a doctor and nurse, suggests that Sabitsuki (or the Girl/ someone she knew) became pregnant (from prostitution/otherwise) and attempted to have the pregnancy aborted, the procedure either botched, through unsafe means, or both, leading to a severe infection and organ damage (i.e the presence of the black haired girls and the creatures presence in the Flesh Walls).