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Footprint Path
Rainbow Maze Path

The Footprint Path (足跡, Ashiato, Footprints) is a passage that links the Red Eye World to Rainbow Maze.

Notable Features Edit

As the name implies, this path features many footprints, which range from diamonds to human-like footprints to animal footprints. The first half of the path features two dead ends, as well as a path that leads to a large red monster with an open mouth. Notable to this path are the various red creatures that lie about. These creatures resemble tentacles, and they can be found either dwelling in boxes or moving around in the black abyss nearby. If Sabitsuki interacts with the smallest red creatures in either dead end, she will be transported to a similar-looking area that connects with the Plant Labyrinth. She will no longer be able to access the original path through this area.

Entering the mouth at the end of the path will cause the monster to "eat" Sabitsuki, which will allow her to enter the second portion of the maze. Upon entering the monster's mouth, Sabitsuki cannot reenter the first half of the path. The background features tiny gray balls that float around the area, yellow rectangles that move up and down and combine with one another, and pulsing brown boxes. This area is a one-way path that leads to a similar-looking monster that will lead Sabitsuki to the Rainbow Maze.

Directions Edit

NexusRed Eye World → Footprint Path

Connecting Areas Edit


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