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The Hole (ホール, aka the "Barren Street") is an alleyway behind the Sugar Hole and can be reached by going through the Sugar Hole's backdoor. The Handgun effect can be found here.

The initial area is straight street which fans out into several places. By going left from the entryway leading to the Sugar Hole, and using the Cat effect to go under the pipe, one can find themselves in the area between two buildings.

There are two doorways behind the fence, here, both inaccessible to the side with the pipe.The left doorway leads to the Deadhole, while the right leads to the blue portion of the Industrial Maze, which is the only way to get to this side of the fence.

By continuing through the passage, one will find the Bonfire Area, where Takibi-san is. Going through the doorway will take you to one section of the Deadhole 


A Map of the Hole

Deadhole Edit

The Deadhole area is a dark place, which is apparently a part of the Hospital's Morgue, if the chain (with corpses) going back and forth is an indication. Likewise, everything here is shown in silhouette

If this place is accessed through the Bonfire Area, there isn't anything to do because the path is blocked by a fence. However, if accessed through the doorway behind the fence, one can go to the bottom to the bottom of this area.


The Deadhole area

When visited by Rust, there is a minor event with Oreko, where she makes her way towards the bottom and disappears. Also, she will disappear if interacted with.

Trivia Edit

  • The Deadhole is one of the first areas to be originally named in English
  • Before version 0.19, the dumpster with the Handgun effect was on the other side of the fence of the garbage area, which could reached through the Morgue.

Theories Edit

  • Because it appears to be connected to the Morgue, it's suggested the Deadhole was where the hospital disposed of children's dead bodies.