Kaibutsu (カイブツ, lit. Monster) are alike to the Toriningen of Yume Nikki as they will chase you throughout the selected area of the game until you exit the area, and if caught, you will be transported to an enclosed area that can only be escaped from by either waking Sabitsuki up or using the arm effect. However the Kaibutsu play a larger part of the storyline in .flow than that of the Toriningen.

The Kaibutsu can be in either a passive "calm" state, acting as normal NPCs, or an active "crazed" state in which they are chasers. Passive Kaibutsu will become active if attacked.

Appearance Edit

The Kaibutsu are white haired and pale-skinned, bearing much likeness to Sabitsuki. Three distinct designs are present, each with a different hairstyle (side bangs, straight cut, or two ponytails). All Kaibutsu wear school uniforms resembling Sabitsuki's uniform effect. While passive, all three Kaibutsu designs have a face similar to Sabitsuki's, albeit encrusted with blood. Each design then has a unique "monster" face when active. Active Kaibutsu also appear to have bloodstains in their hair and on their clothes.

Special Kaibutsu Edit

  • In the entrance to the School, two Kaibutsu will be standing behind the counter, and will change the menu upon being interacted with.
  • In the hallways of the Corrupted School, a unique type of Kaibutsu is found, these ones carry iron pipes and resemble Sabitsuki. They chase Sabitsuki, getting progressively faster.
  • In Rust's version of the Corrupted School, several of the Sabitsuki-lookalike Kaibutsu will turn into giant Red demon, screaming as they do so. At the basement, Rust will turn into a Sabitsuki-lookalike Kaibutsu, and when interacting with Smile she will kill him with the pipe she holds.
  • There is a random chance per flow session of a Kaibutsu appearing in the Sugar Hole, sitting at the bar with a drink. Attacking this Kaibutsu activates the Bar Kaibutsu Event.

Trivia Edit

  • Kaibutsu translates literally into 'monster'.
  • The Kaibutsu found in the bone maze after the Hospital Maze will become extremely fast when angered. Because its behavior is similiar to the Toriningen found in the Candle World in Yume Nikki, this one is sometimes nicknamed the "Candle World Kaibutsu".

Theories Edit

  • There is speculation that the Kaibutsu were people Sabitsuki knew either in the hospital or during her time in school.
  • The Kaibutsu could have been children with a similar disease to Sabitsuki and could have been test subjects to a cure which ended up with major consequences. The same type of cure could have been used on Sabitsuki with a longer wait till she becomes like them. It is thought this because as during the True Ending Sabitsuki can be heard giggling much like the Kaibutsu before she attacks the Gas-Masked Maid.
  • While their gender is debatable, they appear to be wearing skirts like Sabitsuki when compared to obviously male NPCs like Smile and the Doctor.
    • Several fan artists interpret one Kaibutsu as male and the other two as females, or as the other way around.
  • Some fans even believe that the Kaibutsu are related to Sabitsuki; likely due to the similar appearance between them.