Menus can be found throughout Sabitsuki's dream world under certain circumstances. As of Version 0.192, there are eight different menus available to the player. Since the game's data "restarts" once Sabitsuki drops off all of her effects, none of the menus (aside from the Rust Menu) are obtainable by Rust.

Menus Edit

In .flow, menus change the appearance of Sabitsuki's main menu screen. Most of the menus are obtainable through interactions with other dream characters; there are three default menus that do not need any prerequisite to obtain them. Sabitsuki's menu skins can be changed by going into the lobby area of the School and interacting with one of the Kaibutsu behind the counter.

There are currently eight menu themes available.

Default Edit

Obtainable Edit

Variable Meters Edit

In order to receive two of the nine menus, it is necessary to change the values on certain variables. These variables are represented by two meters: the Friendship Meter and the Erosion Meter.

  • The amount of points on the Friendship Meter decides if can you get the Orange Menu.
  • The number of points on the Erosion Meter decides if you can get the Rust Menu.