Metal-Tan (義足子, Gisoku-ko) is a robot-like NPC found in the Monochrome World. She resides in the house on the bottom screen of the monochrome world. She doesn't do much besides walk around her house.

Appearance Edit

Metal-tan is a robot-like girl with pure white skin, a matching dress, and long messy black hair. She also appears to have robot legs, much like Sabitsuki's Machine Effect, and black crosses around her eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Like other NPCs, she can be killed with the iron pipe; however, unlike other NPCs, once she is killed she will stay dead permanently, even after Sabitsuki wakes up.
  • If she is hit a second time after already being hit once, she makes a different, quieter painful moan. After that, she makes no other noises.
  • Her name was created by fans on Uboachan.
  • She bears some resemblance to Monoko from Yume Nikki and Visi from Fleshchild.
  • If you come to her room during the endgame, she is nowhere to be found.

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