Rust is a playable character after collecting all 25 effects, and then going into flow while in flow, thus examining you computer while in this state. Rust looks a lot like Sabitsuki (and is likely her), but with one difference, her hair and clothes are more detailed and her skin is more pale and her eyes are a very deep red instead of black. She can do many of the things Sabitsuki can, but cannot collect effects.

However, Rust can access three areas where you were not allowed to enter. There are red demons when you play as Rust in areas where Kaibutsu have previously been, or new areas.

Trivia Edit

  • If looked closely, Rust, whom is weakened to one more red demon before death, is actually a red demon, underneath her skin (noticing the horns and teeth) or is turning into one. Though, this is likely just blood.

Theories Edit

  • Rust may have been the diseased part of Sabitsuki or a separate being, though likely the latter.
  • Some argue that Rust may be Sabitsuki's alter ego and/or a split personality.