Shinsoku Neko is a "Family Game" found on a console in Sabitsuki's room. The game's graphics greatly resemble the 8-bit styles on NES and Famicom games. The title Shinsoku Neko translates to "godspeed cat" in Japanese.

Gameplay Edit

The game's playable character is a black cat with red eyes whose objective is to swat away any fish and seahorses that pass through the screen. Each fish is worth 10 points, while a seahorse is worth 1 point. Unlike fish, which disappear upon being swatted, seahorses bounce away from the player after every successive bounce. Shinsoku Neko has three hearts; one heart is lost if a fish or seahorse reaches the far left of the screen, and the game ends if all of the hearts are depleted.

Controls Edit

Arrow Keys to move around the map.

Z to swat.

X to dash.