The Sugar Menu is one of five obtainable menus in .flow.

How to ObtainEdit

In the Sugar Hole, you can purchase cake and a drink at the counter if you have over 300 money. You'll be given the menu automatically after eating at the Sugar hole three times. It'll take three dream sessions (and a total of 900 money) to unlock the menu.

Money is obtained by killing NPC's with the Iron Pipe effect. As such, you won't be able to get this menu playing as Rust unless you have 900 money when you switch to her.


Sugar Menu
The borders are a solid grayish-brown speckled with red and gray-brown. The top-right and bottom-left corners have small dark red stains (possibly blood). The top-left and bottom-right corners have gray-brown notches.

The text has a dark-ish red to red-brown gradient with a red shadow.