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Sweet Sugar Hotel
Back Room

Sweet Sugar Hotel is a love hotel located in the Psychedelic Town and, so far, it's the only accessible building in the area.

By entering the building, the player is in the lobby, where a maid is behind the counter. Going to the right will lead one to the bathrooms and going to the left will take one to the bathrooms.

If one goes to the bathrooms, Sabitsuki won't enter the men's room but can go into the women's bathroom. One stall she can enter but the other locked (though she can knock on the door). There is a mirror in which one can interact with, viewing the reflection. As of recent updates, Sabitsuki's reflection will show up in close ups but, as in previous updates, Rust, however, will still see Demon Sabitsuki.

In the left hallway, there are five doors, one of which is guarded by a black creature, which won't react to the Whistle or Handgun effects but can be killed with the Pipe and won't respawn afterwards. The leftmost room has a sofa in which Sabitsuki can sit and a maid and the room after that one has a maid and a black creature.

Sweet Sugar (Exterior)

The third room is almost identical but the maid won't react to a warning shot and can teleport Sabitsuki to the Vomitgirl Area. Also the maid has a hole where her face should be.

The fifth door leads to the Warehouse (倉庫) , which has two rooms. The farthest can't be accessed but if one interacts with the door female screams can be heard. The other door leads to a room with dead women on the floor.

Trivia Edit

  • This was one of the few maps named to be originally named in English
  • Though it's hard to see, the maids do react to the Handgun affect by shivering
  • In the game's files, there is a room called  Reminiscence (昔話) , which doesn't have any doors, a sofa that can't be interacted with, two maids, and a bed with blood on it. The maids don't react to any Effects but one will teleport you to the third room in the hallway. As of yet, there's no way to reach that room.
  • Oddly, when Sabitsuki (or Rust) has a closeup reflection in the mirror, she's shown to be apparently topless (though it's only from her shoulder's up). The reasons as to why isn't known.

Theories Edit

  • Because this area can lead one to the rather overtly sexual Vomitgirl Area, Sweet Sugar is believed to be a place where prostitution was conducted. Likewise, people confuse it for a brothel.

Gallery Edit

Closeup (Sabitsuki)

Sabitsuki's Reflection (ver. 18)

Closeup (Rust vr

Rust's closeup (ver. 18?)

Reflection (Rust)

Rust's reflection