Takibi-san (aka "Charlotte") is an NPC found in the outside areas of the Alleyway Hospital. You can find her by using the Cat Effect to enter one of the smaller alleyway entrances, where she can be seen sitting by a fire.

Appearance Edit

Takibi-san is a young girl with pastel pink hair and pale skin. She wears a big gray top hat with a matching shirt and darker shaded skirt, and brown shoes. Her eyes are never shown.

Trivia Edit

  • You can use the watering can effect to put her fire out. If you stop the rain without leaving the area, Takibi-san will re-light her fire with a small lighter.
  • The name "Takibi-san" comes from a list of the game's switches. "Charlotte" is a fan-made name used before her real name was found.