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Sculpture World

The Vomitgirl Area (otherwise known as the "Sculpture World" or "Vomitgirl World") is a region that debuted in ver. 0.19. This area can be accessed by interacting with the maid with a hole for a face in the third room of in the left wing of the hotel.

This area has rather unnerving background music and has large white female statues in suggestive situations, along with dead hospital girls and maids. The maid who transports the player to this area can be found here and will return Sabitsuki to the Warehouse.

There is another transport in the form of a large white hole that transports Sabitsuki to a hallway, beyond which she will find a large, flat statue where she encounters a mysterious girl.

Trivia Edit

  • This area was named for its internal folder being named "vomitgirl".
  • This area plays up the sexual themes introduced by Sweet Sugar in previous versions.

Theories Edit

  • Due to its connection with Sweet Sugar and the fact that this area is rather overtly sexual, some believe the mysterious girl encountered here was or is a prostitute or was otherwise involved in prostitution.
    Vomitgirl Event

    Vomitgirl Event

    • One theory suggests that Sabitsuki's mother may have been a prostitute or that she, herself, was one.